Navigasyon Sistemleri

Portable or in-dash navigation? Or both?

Drivers who have answered “yes” to the question of whether to buy a navigation system for their car find that they face a second and often more difficult question: should I choose the convenience and flexibility of a portable navigation unit or the higher accuracy and clean integration of an in-dash navigation system? As the following sections show, both types have a number of advantages and disadvantages that make the choice far from easy. Fortunately, Alpine went to work on the problem and devised a third alternative. A system that provides the best of both worlds through a concept called Dock ‘n’ Roll.

  • X902D-F


    9 inç ekranlı, TomTom haritalarıyla dahili navigasyonlu, Apple CarPlay ve Android Auto uyumlu Freestyle Ana Ünite

  • X902DC-F


    Karavan ve Kampçı profilleri dahil TomTom haritaları yüklü, Apple CarPlay ve Android Auto uyumlu, araca özel kurulumlar için Freestyle 9 inç Navigasyon

  • X802D-U


    Carplay ve Android Auto uyumlu, Tom Tom haritalarıyla çalışan, 8" Ekranlı Gelişmiş Navigasyon İstasyonu

  • X802DC-U


    8” Navigation with TomTom maps including trucking feature, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  • X800D-U


    Gelişmiş Navigasyon İstasyonu

  • INE-W720DC


    Apple CarPlay ve Android Auto ile uyumlu Motokaravan ,Tır ve Kamyonlar için özel bilgiler içeren dahili TOM TOM Haritası yüklü 7 inch Navigasyon Cihazı

  • INE-W720D


    Carplay ve Android Auto uyumlu, Tom Tom haritalarıyla çalışan, 7" Ekranlı Gelişmiş Navigasyon İstasyonu

  • NVE-M300P


    Navigasyon Modulü