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X-Serisi: Odyofil Ses Deneyimi
X-Series-Subwoofer-X-W12D4-Front-Back X-Series-Subwoofer-X-W12D4-side X-series-subwoofer_chart_X-W10D4_XW12D4

12′′ (30 cm) X-Serisi Subwoofer (4Ω + 4Ω)


Alpine, tümü yeni, zirve sınıfı X-Serisi hoparlörleri, subwoofer ve amplifikatörleri sunar. Bu ürünler sıradışı dinamik, gerçekçi ses türetimi ve çok boyutlu ses izlenimi yaratacak sistemlerde kullanılmak üzere tasarlanıp akort edilmişlerdir. Alpine X-Serisi subwooferlarla birlikte devasa olduğu kadar isabetli bass çıkışı alabileceğiniz Alpine'ın en güncel subwoofer teknolojisini de satın almış olursunuz. Bu sancak gemisi subwooferlar oldukça yüksek standartlarda, en etkin materyallerle üretilmişlerdir. 

Zirve Güç: 2700 Watt

RMS Güç: 900 Watt

Frekans cevabı: 23 Hz - 200 Hz

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Ürün bilgisi

Karşınızda zirve Subwoofer

Yeni X-Serisi subwooferlar, Alpine ID olarak tanımladığımız ses felsefemizle geliştirildi - üstün ses tanımlama için en doğru bileşenleri kullanma kararlılığı. A triple stacked magnet surrounds an extended voice coil, which allows a very long excursion resulting in huge air movement. A specialized CRC pole with integrated cooling fins and an aluminum shorting cap reduce the lag of coil’s alternating movement while also providing cooling within the motor. The cone structure is suspended by two spiders and our patented H.A.M.R. surround. The stability of the dual-spider along with the even unfolding of the multi-roll surround create incredibly linear cone travel, free of any unneeded movement that cause distortion.


  • Alpine ID Sound Quality
  • 900W RMS, making it a perfect match for the X-Series X-A90M 900W mono amplifier
  • 24mm linear Xmax (1 way), 48 mm peak to peak
  • Dual spiders for precision control over the large dynamic range
  • Dual shorting rings for strong motor control ensuring low THD and tight bass
  • Center pole radial heat sink which wicks heat away from the voice coil and transfers it outside the motor, for long term high output
  • The biggest HAMR surround yet, for linear cone movement throughout its large range of excursion
  • Light but rigid pulp/mica cone which allows for highly accurate bass with great natural tone
  • Twist-lock Trim ring with full mesh grill included

Built to move tons of air

The 24mm X-max is best in class and allows close to 2 inches of full cone motion. In order to create a powerful yet accurate subwoofer, we had to implement several technologies that keep the cone under control. Dual spiders ensure a rigid moving assembly while the HAMR surround provides long linear travel. A shorting ring keeps the THD down while a custom heat sink integrated CRC pole and shorting cap keeps high magnetic force. These design aspects come together to produce incredibly precise, powerful bass.

All new motor design

The powerful and efficient motor coupled with its highly-controlled suspension give the X-Series subwoofer the ability to create loud and accurate bass in a very small, sealed box. Only requiring 28.3 l of air space (15.6 l for the 10”), the 12” X-Series subwoofer can reproduce frequencies down to 40 Hz before rolling off, leaving you with bass that digs deep and plenty of trunk space.

Easy grille and trim ring included

Taking design cues from tweeter development, we’re incorporating a twist-lock trim ring which allows easy attachment of the included metal mesh grill. With a simple twist, the trim ring locks into place, concealing the mounting screws and locking the optional grille into place. The trim can be installed with or without the grille.

A perfect match

The X-Series amplifier X-A90M is the perfect amplifier for the job. Along with the 900W power matched specifications of both components, each were built under the same sound philosophy, Alpine ID. With a focus on musicality and sound imaging, the X-W12D4 / X-W10D4 is complimented by the amplifier's clean, low distortion output and >1500 damping factor. Add the X-Series speakers to the system and prepare to experience a new level of in-car imaging.

Özellikler & Ayrıntılar


  • Material: Kevlar Rohacell® Layered Composite
  • Design: 1-Piece Parabolic with Vented Force Transfer Assembly


  • Material: Injection Molded Santoprene®
  • Design: High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR Surround)


  • Material: Nomex®
  • Design: Dual Progressive with Integrated Tinsel Leads

Voice Coil

  • Material: Aluminum Former
  • Design: 2.6" (65.5mm) Voice Coil

Motor Structure

  • Pole Geometry: Airflow Optimized Dual Flare Pole Vent
  • Configuration: Triple-Stacked High Power Strontium Ferrite Magnets


  • Material: Cast Aluminum


  • Layout: One Side
  • Design: 8mm² Insert Terminals with Series/Parallel Jumper Plug

Tinsel Leads

  • Design: Reinforced Layer Spider Integration


  • Design: Grille/Trim Ring Twist-Lock System

Power Handling

  • Power Range: 650W-900W
  • RMS Power Handling: 900W
  • Peak Power Handling: 2700W


  • Mounting Depth: 7-1/4′′ (184mm)
  • Mounting Diameter: 11-1/16′′ (281mm)
  • Displacement: 0.122 cu. ft. (3.5 l - Front Mount)
  • Added Volume: 0.035 cu. ft. (1 l - Reverse Mount, Magnet Out)


  • Frequency Response: 23Hz-200Hz
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