DAB Radio Signal Splitter for Volkswagen Golf 7 and Skoda Octavia 3


This kit consisting of a filter and an amplified splitter is required if your Golf 7 has no original VW DAB system / antenna. By adding this antenna splitter your rear window antenna turns into a DAB antenna with very little installation effort.

Özellikler & Ayrıntılar


  • Active Splitter
  • AM/FM + DAB antenna filter
  • Antenna cable


  • Required only for countries with DAB broadcasting
  • Easy and fast installation utilizing the existing antenna cable in Golf from the rear window to the dashboard
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • No additional DAB antenna necessary
  • Golfs with OEM DAB antenna do not require this splitter, however a Fakra to SMB adapter is needed (KAE-F2S)
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